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Wireless Sports Statistics Tablet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005040D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Aug-01
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Wireless Sports Statistics Tablet

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Wireless Sports Statistics Tablet

Disclosure PF2228NA


Bruce W. Ross

More and more in today's sporting environment an emphasis is being placed on the accurate keeping of game statistics. This device is intended to meet that need and supply the sporting community with just such a capability as well as having a few added operational benefits available.

The device would be a hand-held data entry device powered by on-board rechargeable batteries. Display and data entry would be accomplished via a large touchscreen LCD display and a separate DTMF keypad. The unit would be of such size that it could easily be carried in the hand, on a lanyard, or in a small pouch.

This device would leverage into the latest LCD Display and Touchscreen technology and could be designed with a color display to help differentiate statistic items. The device would be programmable to display a number of different team sports and present an easy, fast means of statistics entry. At the conclusion of the event the data could be downloaded wirelessly to a computer for final compilation and display. Transmission would be done using the upcoming Bluetooth technology. The device would be able to communicate with another device so that one unit could be in the pressbox and "talk" with a unit on the sidelines for play analysis and play strategy making by the coaching staffs.

In addition, the device could be fitted to allow wireless access to the Internet in order to access team webpages or opponents webpages for such information as rosters, and basic statistics.

The device could be programmed to bring up an interactive display such that the coach could use the display for diagramming plays or adjustments during the course of the competition. A screen-snapshot capability would allow the diagrammed plays to be saved and reviewed against actual performance for coaching updates.