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Pager Bedside Clock Mode Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005044D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Aug-01
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Pager Bedside Clock Mode

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Pager Bedside Clock Mode


By Garland Phillips

One of the useful features of Motorola pagers is that they provide a time-of-day clock with alarm capability. Many customers use this pager alarm clock to wake up in the morning while at home or on a trip.

It would be desirable to enhance the function of the pager so that it can also be used as a bedside clock.

The invention is a wireless device, such as a pager or cell phone, that can be put (preferably automatically) into "bedside" mode when plugged into its battery charger or external power.

Description of "bedside" mode:

the full device display is used to show the time (using large digits) so that it can be seen from some distance (see figure 1)

the display is continuously lighted, similar to a typical bedside clock, so that the time can be seen in the dark, without manual intervention


A battery saving bedside mode could keep the display darkened until the user touches the keyboard. The display would then be lighted only temporarily. This reduces power requirements and allows the bedside function to be provided even without external power.

Other device features could change behavior when bedside mode is active. For example, the device could enter a silent mode to not disturb the user until the alarm time is reached; the alarm could provide a snooze feature that resets when any key is pressed; the device could temporarily switch to audible mode for all alerts (rather than vibrate) when in bedside mode, etc.

Figure 1. Example Display in Bedside Mode