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Comfort Clip For Hands Free Cell Phone Use Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005054D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Aug-03
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Comfort Clip For Hands Free Cell Phone Use

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"Comfort Clip" For Hands Free Cell Phone Use

John Burgan

Dan Troutman

Randy Pennington

The comfort clip solves the problem of not being able to be "hands free" while holding a cell phone. Simply by the press of a button, users have the ability to support the cell phone between the head and shoulder. This allows the user to be able to write, drive, etc., while talking.

The comfort clip combines a cellular phone belt clip and a shoulder support device. Currently most cell phone designs are not capable of being used hands free unless the user inserts an earpiece into an integral phone jack. The addition of an earpiece is expensive ($5-$10 depending on quality) and is awkward to insert when a user receives a call while driving a car. The comfort clip allows the user to simply press a button to extend the shoulder support device to a position that will allow them to rest the phone comfortably on their shoulder. This design is compatible with, or can be adapted to, most cellular phones.

Activated by a simple button press (see diagram), the shoulder support device is released from its locking position and allowed to extend in the z-axis to a fixed height above the phone base. The shoulder support device has two degrees of freedom that allow the user to comfortably rotate the phone about the z-axis or compress the clip along the z-axis until he/she has the best feel for the phone on the shoulder. Once done with the call, the user would again press the button and the shoulder support device can be returned to its position within the belt clip.

The comfort clip allows the end user to purchase an aftermarket attachment for their phone that is inexpensive ($2-3), and provides for "hands free" use of the cellular phone.