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Requests For Comments summary notes: 900-999 (RFC0999) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005082D
Original Publication Date: 1987-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Aug-15
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Internet Society Requests For Comment (RFCs)

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Network Working Group A. Westine Request for Comments: 999 J. Postel

ISI April 1987

Requests For Comments Summary

Notes: 900-999

Status of this Memo

This RFC is a slightly annotated list of the 100 RFCs from RFC-900 through RFC-999. This is a status report on these RFCs. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

RFC Author Date Title

999 Westine Apr 87 Requests For Comments Summary

This memo.

998 Lambert Mar 87 NETBLT: A Bulk Data Transfer


This document is a description of, and a specification for, the NETBLT protocol. It is a revision of the specification published in RFC-969. NETBLT (NETwork BLock Transfer) is a transport level protocol intended for the rapid transfer of a large quantity of data between computers. It provides a transfer that is reliable and flow controlled, and is designed to provide maximum throughput over a wide variety of networks. Although NETBLT currently runs on top of the Internet Protocol (IP), it should be able to operate on top of any datagram protocol similar in function to IP. This document is published for discussion and comment, and does not constitute a standard. The proposal may change and certain parts of the protocol have not yet been specified; implementation of this document is therefore not advised. Obsoletes RFC-969.

997 Reynolds Mar 87 Internet Numbers

This memo is an official status report on the network numbers used in the Internet community. As of 1-Mar-87 the Network Information Center (NIC) at SRI International has assumed responsibility for assignment of Network Numbers and Autonomous System Numbers. This RFC documents the current assignments of these numbers at the time of this transfer of responsibility. Obsoletes RFC-990, 960, 943, 923 and 900.

Westine Postel [Page 1]

RFC 999 March 1987

996 Mills Feb 87 Statistics Server

This RFC specifies a standard for the ARPA Internet community. Hosts and gateways on the DARPA Internet that choose to implement a remote statistics monitoring facility may use this protocol to send statistics data upon request to a monitoring center or debugging host.

995 ANSI Apr 86 End System to Intermediate System Routing Exchange Protocol for use in conjunction with ISO 8473.

This Protocol is one of a set of International Standards produced to facilitate the interconnection of open systems. The set of standards covers the services and protocols required to achieve such interconnection. This Protocol is positioned with respect to other related standards by the layers defined in the Reference Model for Open Systems Interconnection (ISO 7498) and by the structure defined in the Internal Organization of the Network Layer (DIS 8648). In particular, it is a protocol of the Network Layer. This Protocol permits End Systems and Intermediate Systems to exchange configuration and routing information to facilitate the operation ...