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3GPP2-IETF Standardization Collaboration (RFC3131) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005315D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-May-18
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Internet Society Requests For Comment (RFCs)

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S. Bradner: AUTHOR [+6]


This document describes the standardization collaboration between 3GPP2 and IETF.

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Network Working Group                                         S. Bradner
Request for Comments: 3131                            Harvard University
Category: Informational                                       P. Calhoun
                                                  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
                                                            H. Cuschieri
                                                              S. Dennett
                                                                G. Flynn
                                                        Verizon Wireless
                                                              M. Lipford
                                                              Sprint PCS
                                                            M. McPheters
                                                     Lucent Technologies
                                                               June 2001

                3GPP2-IETF Standardization Collaboration

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of this
   memo is unlimited.

Copyright Notice

   Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2001).  All Rights Reserved.


   This document describes the standardization collaboration between
   3GPP2 and IETF.

1. Conventions used in this document

   This document uses significant terminology that is specialized to
   IETF, 3GPP2, or their areas of work.  See appendix A for definitions
   of acronyms.  The organizational definitions can be found in their
   respective web-sites.

2. Introduction

   This document contains a set of principles and guidelines that serves
   as the basis for establishing the collaboration between 3GPP2 and
   IETF, with the objective of securing timely development of technical
   specification that facilitate maximum interoperability with existing
   (fixed and mobile) Internet syst...