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Dynamic autonomous team and agreement formation for advanced internet service provision in e-commerces environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005343D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Aug-23
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Dynamic autonomous team and agreement formation for advanced internet service provision in e-commerces environment

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Dynamic autonomous team and agreement formation for advanced internet service provision in e-commerce's environment.

Authors Patricia Charlton, Frederic Camuzard and Yann Camenen

Key Words

Internet services, team formation, e-commerce agreement automation, dynamic and distributed advanced service access

What was the problem(s) to be solved by the invention or what was the need(s) for the invention

There currently is no way of handling the dynamic aggregation of distributed electronic services for the end user. The current portals that are used on the Internet provide a static means of service management but dynamic aggregation of services or team formation and agreement of contributing to a team does not exist. This also means that when Internet services leave or new services arrive or the way a service works changes in a dynamic fashion can not be handled. As e-commerce is a method for making services available if a user wants an aggregation of services to provide a service package if the service package does not already exist then the user needs to manually aggregate the services and manually manage this service. Also, the current mechanisms do not automatically take into account new services or service modifications.

In order for services to take full advantage of e-commerce providing dynamic solutions and participating in forming new teams for service package solutions new mechanisms are required. As a side effect of this an infrastructure which enables dynamic teams also can provide new types of services which have not been available before. In order to provide automatically packaged services and to assist in providing new service aggregations then new mechanisms are required to extend the Internet services. The new mechanisms brings:

1. Automatic service package

2. New services can automatically join a service team dynamically

3. When changes occur such as a service leaving or modifying the dynamic team support automatically supports changes reflecting this a service package change automatically to the user

4. Due to new potential aggregation of services new complex services and service discovery can be automatically provided and made available.

5. Flexibility for the inclusion of new future services

Using the common computational team management of distributed entities such as creating teams of computational entities, deleting entity members from a team and destroying a team this invention adds the following new features:

How does this invention resolve the problem(s) or fulfil the need(s) in a new way

1) Template for defining service agreement

2) Automated team agreement and rationalisation

3) Dynamic support for agreement changes

4) Dynamic support for inclusion of new services into appropriate team formation

5) Dynamic support for the removal of services from the team.

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