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SWITCH ACTUATOR Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005411D
Original Publication Date: 1980-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Oct-10
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The actuator can be added to a broken button to restore the working position and function of the button.

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MOTOROLA Technical Disclosure Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 1 August 1980


The actuator can be added to a broken button to restore the working position and function of the button.

   During the everyday usage of this keyboard assembly many persons can apply different pressures to the key buttons. A sharp blow of excessive pressure or extreme shock will force the button downward to meet the dome contact and printed circuit board. This force, especially if applied at an angular direction, could break the button stem, leaving the button in a semi-floating position below the surface of the other key buttons. Constant and repeating usage pressing on this broken button can eventually lead to failure of the switch dome.

   This condition can be repaired and improved to eliminate the problem of failure to either the actuator or switch dome contact. As shown in Figure 1, when the key button stem 1 has been broken off because of excessive pressure or shock, an actuator 2 is inserted into the bottom section of the button. A slight press fit will hold the actuator to the button during reassembly.

Figufe 1.

  The actuator shown in Figure 2 is molded of elastomeric material and has the ability to absorb pressure and shock in daily environment without breakage or damage to the button or switch dome caus- ing the unit to be inoperative. The actuator is virtually indestructible, easy to assemble, has high tensile strength, high impact resistance and high elasticity...