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Lutein ester and zeaxanthin ester as additives in pet foods and in pet nutritional supplements for the improvement of the health of companion animals such as dogs and cats. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005592D
Publication Date: 2001-Oct-18

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In September of 1998, Inexa C.A. of Ecuador, the pioneer producer of marigold extract, introduced lutein ester in the market as a new health-improving additive for pet foods. Since then, this novel approach for enhancing the immune response and increasing the antioxidant level in companion animals by nutritional supplements containing lutein ester or by adding lutein ester to the diet has been firmly accepted by the industry. The Ecuadorean producer has just announced that in the three years since its lutein ester was first marketed for the specific application in pet foods, the production of lutein ester for this purpose has reached the milestone mark of 11 million grams of active ingredient. These lutein ester formulations contain the extract from the marigold flower (Tagetes erecta) on appropriate carriers. These formulations also contain zeaxanthin ester. Typically 30 to 80 parts per million of lutein ester is incorporated into the food for companion animals, such as dogs and cats, to achieve the desired health benefit for the animal.