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Property Improvements of Unsaturated Polyester Resins with Low Molecular Weight PPOÒ Resin Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005684D
Publication Date: 2001-Oct-25

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PPO SA120 resin is a new low molecular weight (Mn »2500) polyphenylene-ether (PPE) resin recently commercialized by GE Plastics as a polymer additive. In addition to having the well-known properties inherent to PPE, this new resin has an excellent thermal performance--glass transition temperature (Tg) of 165°C combined with a characteristic feature of improved processability. PPO 855A resin is a new functionalized PPE resin designed for UPR systems. The functionalized end groups lead to better reactivity of PPE with the resin system. The low molecular weight of the new PPE resin allows PPE to be more easily processed in unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) and vinyl ester resin (VER) systems. By functionalizing the end groups the traditional OH end groups of PPE, which inhibit free radical reaction, are replaced. The functionalization is done with reactive or non-reactive end groups. PPO 855A is a salicylate functionalized PPE for non-reactive capping. PPO MX5587 (developmental grade) is an acrylic functionalized PPE for reactive capping. Reported herein is an evaluation of PPOÒ 855A and PPO MX5587 in UPR systems. PPE can be dissolved directly into styrene then added to the resin system. The addition of either PPE grade reduces shrinkage better than other low profile additives (LPA) such as polyvinyl acetate. Other properties such as Tg, heat distortion temperature, water absorption, and electrical properties are also improved with PPE, while the curing kinetics are not negatively affected by PPE. Key Words: polyphenylene oxide, PPO, polyphenylene ether, PPE, polyoxyphenylene functionalized, reactive end groups, non-reactive end groups, UPR, unsaturated polyester resin, VER, vinyl ester resin, BMC, bulk molding compound, SMC, sheet molding compound, pultrusion, RTM, resin transfer molding, injection molding, LPA, low profile additive, SCA, shrinkage control agent