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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005738D
Publication Date: 2001-Oct-31

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Organic coatings may be removed from their substrates by treating the coated substrate with a gelled organic solvent. For example, paint may be stripped from metal, wood, etc. by the process of contacting the paint with a gelled composition formed from turpentine or other organic solvent in combination with a suitable gellant for the solvent, e.g., a polyamide resin. The coating dissolves into the gel and/or the solvent from the gel is able to diffuse between the coating and the underlying substrate, thereby dissolving and/or loosening the coating so that the process of removing the gel also removes some or all of the coating. Multiple applications of gelled organic solvent may be needed to completely remove the coating. A gel is particularly advantageous when the coated surface is vertically positioned because the gel will resist running down the coated surface, and accordingly the gel will retain contact with the surface for as long as desired.