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Silhouette Inductor for Signal Input Into an Implantable Cochlear Stimulator to be Worn Behind the Ear Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005897D
Publication Date: 2001-Nov-14

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A silhouette inductor is an ear level device employed in the hearing aid industry for the inductive coupling of signals from assistive listening devices (e.g., FM systems). Telecoils, also known as basic inductors, are common components in post-auricular hearing aids. The telecoils are employed within the casings of post-auricular hearing aids. The patients hearing aid must contain a telecoil circuit in order for the signal from a silhouette inductor to be induced into the hearing aid amplifier. This inductor has the length and width of a standard full size post-auricular hearing aid but is less than 1/4 the thickness. The primary advantage of a silhouette inductor is the stable position of the inductor adjacent the telecoil mounted in the post-auricular hearing aid, thus leading to a stable electromagnetic field. The present invention uniquely applies a silhouette-type device to the Behind the Ear processor of an Implantable Cochlear Stimulator.