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Initial Connection Protocol Control Commands (RFC0145) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005901D
Original Publication Date: 1971-May-01
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Network Working Group J. Postel Request for Comments: 145 UCLA - NMC NIC: 6739 4 May 1971 Updates: 123 Obsoletes: 127

Initial Connection Protocol Control Commands

The following is my interpretation of the exchange between NCP’s which would be necessary to carry out the Initial Connection Protocol of RFC #123. (This note corrects an error pointed out by Eric Harslem of RAND).

Server NCP User NCP __________ ________

Listen for Connection L RTS, U, L, l A

STR, L, U, 32 ALL, l , 1, 32 A

Send 32 bits of data in 1 message on link l A

(value is S) Receive 32 bits of data from link l (value is S) A


STR, S+1, U+1, B STR, U+1, S, B s u

RTS, S, U+1, l RTS, U, S+1, l B C

wait for connection wait for connection ALL, l , m , b ALL, l , m , b B B B C C C

data sent to link l data sent on link l C B

data received on link data received on link l B C

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RFC 145 Initial Connection Protocol 4 May 1971

l , l , and l , are links, m and m are messages allocations, b A B C B C B and b are bit allocations, and all other symbols are defined in C RFC #123.

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