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NCP survey (RFC0460) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000005905D
Original Publication Date: 1973-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2019-Feb-12
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Network Working Group Chuck S. Kline CSK Request for Comments: 460 UCLA NIC 14415 13 February 73

NCP Survey

1 This RFC is the first in a series which will request information on implementation of host to host protocol. We would appreciate a reply to this RFC from all sites within two weeks. One convenient way to reply is to make a copy of this RFC at the NIC and insert the replies at the appropriate spots. The results of this survey will be published. Please send replies to nic ident CSK or to

Charles Kline Boelter Hall 3804 UCLA 405 Hilgard Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

2 This particular RFC will deal with implementations of Network Control Programs (NCPs). Future RFCs will deal with . implementations of Telnet, RJE, etc.

3 In order to ask questions about NCPs and get meaningful replies, I will here describe what I consider to be my concept of an NCP.

3a An NCP is that part of the system which performs the tasks necessary for host to host protocol as specified by document NIC 7104 (protocols notebook).

3b NCPs contain the following parts (though not necessarily as separate pieces):

3b1 Code which handles connection establishment including maintenance of the rendezvous table (table of open and pending connections).

3b2 Code which handles transmission over open connections including buffer management and the sending of allocate and giveback commands.

3b3 Code which handles the actual movement of messages in and out of the Imp (sometimes called the Imp handler and sometimes in a separate cpu).

3b4 Other code including measurements, initialization, etc.

Kline [Page 1]

RFC 460 NCP Survey February 1973

4. Please answer the following questions. It is probably appropriate to give this survey to the coder of the NCP or other knowledgeable person. Write na (not applicable) where it is appropriate. Circle the number of the appropriate choice when a choice is required. Thank you.

5 General Information

5a Host Name: ----

5b Site Number: ----

5c Your name ----

5d Main cpu is a ---- (360/75, PDP-10, B6700, etc.)

5e Operating system in main cpu is ---- (tenex, os/360, etc.)

5f Is documentation available on your NCP?

5f1 user level (how to use NCP)

5f2 system level (implementation)

5f3 Is the documentation available at the NIC?

6 Imp interface

6a built:

6a1 in house

6a2 contracted to ----

6b full or half duplex?

6c maximum bandwidth is ---- baud in each direction

7 Coding of NCP

7a ncp was written:

7a1 in house

7a1a written in ---- man-months

7a1b Name of person who wrote NCP ----

Kline [Page 2]

RFC 460 NCP Survey February 1973

7a1c debugged in ---- man-weeks

7a1d machine hours used in development and debugging of NCP ----

7a2 contracted to ----

7a2a contractor took ---- man-months

7a3 supplied another site without modification by this site (specify site where NCP obtained from ------).

7a4 supplied from another site but modified by this site for different system or for other reasons (specify site where NCP obtained from ------)

7a4a modifications took ---- m...