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LINEAR VIBRATOR ALERT Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006118D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Dec-05

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George Selinko David Lysher


A vibrating alert device is achieved by moving a there are fewer moving parts. The non-conductive magnet, suspended on springs, in a linear direction by cylinder could be molded as part of the pager housing applying an alternating, electromagnetic field. This and the winding insert molded. Vibrational efficiency device would be an improvement over the current, is greatly enhanced, by employing pole pieces with the rotational vibrator in terms of cost, approximately magnets. $1.00 vs $5.00 and would be more reliable, in that SIDE VIEW I. SUSPENSION SPRINGS 2. NON-CONDUCTIVE CYLINDER 3. MAGNET 4. INDUCTIVE WINDING 5. AC VOLTAGE SOURCE END VIEW INDUCTIVE WINDING e Motorda, 1°C. ,991 129