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REMIND ALERT Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006355D
Original Publication Date: 1992-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Dec-27

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Sheila Leonard John Dascanio


In a busy world where time is limited and interrupt The flow chart below is a gross view of the page levels are high, pages received can be neglected as press- receipt process and it illustrates the logic flow that can ing issues are being addressed. Whether one is driving, be incorporated into a variety of pagers that already offer involved in an important meeting, or already busy on menu selections and that have timer capabilities. Once the phone, received messages can be overshadowed and the user receives a page, responds, and reads the mes- forgotten unless the user is reminded at another time. sage, the default function of the pager is to retain the This invention is a software implementation that adds a message. If desired, the user can activate the remind remind feature that can be easily coded by developers feature which will cause the pager to re-alert the user and easily operated by users. This feature provides the wifh fhe same message at the selected time interval. This option of a remind alert by furnishing a variety of preset remind alert option can be easily implemented into a time intervals that can be selected from and that activate variety of existing pagers with minor modification, as the alert mechanism, whether tone or vibration, in a way most of the software routines necessary to implement similar to when the page was first received. the remind alert would already reside in the code.