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The Historic Use of Computerized Tools for Marketing and Market Research: A Brief Survey Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006359D
Publication Date: 2001-Dec-27

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Jeff Lindsay James Schuh Walter Reade Karin Peterson Christopher McKinney [+details]


Electronic tools such as computer-generated graphics and interactive survey systems have been used for many years for market research. While this is well known among marketers and most consumer products companies, there has apparently been some confusion about the historic availability of electronic market research tools. Some tools that have been long used and are widely known among market research professionals have been "reinvented" in attempts to gain patent protection for technologies that actually are well known. To foster better appreciation of past efforts, we will cover a small but diverse sampling of topics in this paper. In addition to discussing prior practices, we will also discuss a number of directions that we expect to be adopted by the industry in the future, if not already in practice at the moment.