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CRITICAL MODE OPCODE Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006363D
Original Publication Date: 1992-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2001-Dec-28

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Jim Van Bosch


The requirements and flexibiity of enclypted radios continue to grow in the industry. There exists a need for high communications security while still providing flexible features. The application of a critical mode opcode has been applied to the clear/coded modes of operation in a secure radio. This critical mode opcode can allow for two diametrically opposed features, mode slaving and a specific ergonomics switch, to be incor- porated into the radio. Mode slaving allows the user to pre-assign a condition (clear/coded) to a specific channel/mode. When the user changes the channel/ mode, the radio automatically updates the clear/coded status for that channel/mode. In commercial markets, the customers require the ability to change channels and have the clear/coded function mode slaved to a channel. Thus, clear/coded mode slaving is done via a critical mode opcode in commercial markets. In higher security radios, clear/coded mode selection is done via a hardware switch. The benefits of such a design are maximum flexibility between diverse markets, ease of operation for the user, and increased reliability and security ofthe system.