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Inks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006588D
Publication Date: 2002-Jan-16

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Patent/Patent Application:
US 5370731 US 5431722 US 09/623080


Ink-jet inks of good pH stability may be prepared from compositions which comprise one or more yellow dyes and one or more buffers. Examples of suitable yellow dyes include are water-soluble azo and bis azo dyes such as C.I. Direct Yellow 86, C.I. Direct Yellow 132, C.I. Direct Yellow 142, C.I. Direct Yellow 173 and C.I. Acid Yellow 23. Examples of buffers include substituted amino compounds, especially aliphatic amines, morpholine derivatives and piperazine derivatives, particularly those which have a sulfonic acid,carboxylic acid or one or more hydroxyl groups.