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Water beam lighting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006651D
Publication Date: 2002-Jan-18
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Description of invention

"Water beam lighting"

1     Abstract

A light source illuminates a water beam. The light source, most probable an halogen incandescent lamp or LED's could be located inside the tab. In combination with an integrated electrical power generator creating electrical power by the water flux itself a closed system is possible. This system is an advantage regarding the danger for electrical shocks and the design freedom. The lighting of the water tab beam might be used for signalling or decorative purposes. The colour of the light might be adapted. Blue light might be indicate cold water, red light hot water. This solution is not limited to standard water tabs. Also other armatures like e. g. showers could be illuminated.

2     Application

Lighting of water tab beams for signalling or decorative purposes.

3     Starting-point

Conventional water tabs are not lighted.

4     Invention

A light source lights up the beam coming out of the water tab.

Options for light source:

·        Incandescent lamp.

·        Incandescent halogen lamp.

·        Other lamp type.

·        LED.

Options for illuminating the water:

·        Lamp in the water volume inside the tab.

·        Optical fibre conducting the light into the water. The incoupling might be inside the tab or inside the tube.

Options for the electrical power supply:

·        Conventional power supply outside the tab with wires to the lamp.

·        Integrated electrical power generator (see sketch) creating electrical power by the water flux itself. The advantage would be a closed s...