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Original Publication Date: 1993-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Jan-28
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Chris Becher Rick Mangold Ovidiu Neiconi


The SOLDER STENCIL VACUUM CLEANING SYSTEM is a device used by a solder printing mecha- nism to clean its printing stencils. It utilizes a vacuum plus wiping tire to ensure cleaning of the solder sten- cils (Fire 1). The vacuum head is mounted on a self- leveling fixture to allow it to follow along the bottom of the stencil (Item 13/5 on side view of Figure 1). It con- sumes the excess solder and foreign particles from the stencil with the vacuum. The wiping mechanism which can either lead or trail the vacuum head, uses a stepper motor to increment a roll of cleaning paper over a roller (Item 1316 on side view of Figure 1). The stepper motor pulls the paper over the roller onto a take up reel (Items 11/4 and 915 front view Figure 1). The paper on the roller is held in place with~a pneumatic clamper during wiping for the excess solder and foreign particles. Also the roller's core is hollow, and drilled with tiny holes, which allows cleaning fluid to be inserted into its core and exposed to the paper.