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RF Mailbox Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006767D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jan-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Jan-30
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Creation of an isolated EMI/RF environment by way of a electrically conductive can lined with RF absorber material and containing RF sealing finger stock along its opening edge that travels towards and acts upon a rigid bulkhead mounted sealing ring.

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by Frank Lotz and Robert Schneider


The RF Mailbox was designed to provide a low cost shielded RF anechoic environment for testing personal communication devices that can be used in both manual and automated systems. 


As part of the manufacturing process of a wireless product (such as a cellular phone or pager) there is a need to test inside an EMI/RF isolated environment (RF Mailbox) to prevent unwanted electromagnetic signals from both entering into or escaping from said environment.  Further, the method by which an EMI/RF isolated environment is created should be de-coupled from any Device Under Test (DUT) fixture contained within.


By moving an open ended chamber which contains an RF absorber material towards a rigid bulkhead with sealing ring and without any additional door, lid, clam or similar type feature, a separately mounted non-moving monolithic DUT fixture with rigid cabling can be EMI/RF isolated.


Refer to Figures 1 and 2 as follows.  A DUT is placed into a monolithic test fixture (not shown) which sits on a shelf that is cantilever mounted to the rigid bulkhead.  The chamber moves horizontally towards the rigid bulkhead such that a continuous strip of RF sealing finger stock on the chamber’s leading edge contacts the rigid bulkhead mounted sealing ring, thereby creating an EMI/RF isolated environment.  Further, the chamber contains an optional RF absorber material to reduce reflections of...