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Mirapol A 400 : a new additive for fabric and home care applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006771D
Publication Date: 2002-Jan-31

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Aubay, Eric Cavalier, Laure Van berleere , Arnaud

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Patent/Patent Application:
EP491381 [+details]


The Mirapol A 400 is a neutralized phosphonocarboxylic acid (CAS number : 143239-08-1), that exhibits particularly interesting properties in detergent and cleaning applications such as laundry, Automatic Dish Washing, Hard Surface Cleaning among others where these benefits are key. This product provides anti-scaling benefits while also being a highly effective corrosion inhibitor, especially in the presence of calcium ions. Mirapol A 400 has been compared to conventional phosphonated products and exhibits superior performance accross a wide range of applications.