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Original Publication Date: 1993-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Feb-05

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Christopher R. Long Christopher G. Henz


Today's microprocessor controlled pagers allows users to customize their pagers to their own needs by offering an immense number of user selectable options. Such options include: 1) Multiple alert cadences, duration, volume, silent or vibrate 2) Alarm on/off features 3) Lock or unlock messages, Clear read messages 4) Auto turn off/turn on 5) Priority alert on/off 6) Selectable baud rates and frequencies 7) Memory clean up 8) Other The invention is such the user can bundle together feature selections that arc user selectable into preset groups that can all be activated at one time. This elimi-~ nates the need for the user to reconfigure their feature choice individually. An example would be a user who wants to change their features selected at the beginning or end of their work day. After work, they may want to engage priority alerts only, turn off an hourly alarm, go from silent alert (for belt worn use) to the loudest alert setting in case they leave their pager on a nightstand when not in use, and activate a preset auto on/off set- ting. Without this feature, the user would have to change four dierent functions by hand each day. With preset feature groups, the user can have one set of features for work, another for evenings, and still another for weekends.