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ADJACENT SITE REQUEST Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006886D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Feb-08

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Laura Sue Bennett William August Felderman


In today's wide area tmnked radio systems that use dynamic site assignment, when a radio user or dispatcher makes a talkgroup call, the radio user or dispatcher may have to wait for all sites that contain members of the t&group to each have a channel available. This could. result in long delays. This would be especially true if the talkgroup was a low priority talkgroup and the system had many remote sites with only a few channels at each site. The radio user/dispatcher may only want to con- tact those radio units that are in close proximity to the radio user. (For example, the user needs equipment or assistance from those who can provide it most quickly.) The radio user/dispatcher would, in this case, not want to contact every radio unit in the talkgroup. Another problem is that resources are being used that are not really needed. This happens sometimes with talkgroup calls. A radio user wishes to reach only a subset (by location) of the members in a talkgroup. But when the radio user makes a talkgroup call, all talkgroup mem- bers are involved and therefore resources (channels) are used that arc not needed. Using resources that are not needed decreases system performance, especially in a system that has many remote sites with only a few chan- nels at each site.