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Ross Ready to Hang

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006924D
Publication Date: 2002-Feb-09
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Prefilled Enteral Feeding Container

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Ross Ready to Hang

Prefilled Enteral Feeding Container


A Total Commitment To Enteral Nutrition

copyright 1996 Ross Products Division, Abbott Laboratories

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Ross Ready to Hang

Prefilled Enteral Feeding Container


Clinically proven to save nursing time

Minimizes handling to reduce risk of touch contamination

Proverl 24-hour hang-time62 sizl;S (1 liter, 1-5 liter) meet the

calor1r; needs of most patients SemI-rigid container can be easily

stacked No ,;econdary outer cardboard package must be removed or disposed of

Wldr variety of Ross medical nutritional products available.