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Original Publication Date: 1993-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Feb-12

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Michael Spring David Brown Paul Marko


When CT2 handsets are rung, the only method of turning the ringing off is by having the flap open and either answering the call or powering off. This invention shall allow the user to mute the ringer for the cell dura- tion only via momentarily pressing the MUTE key. (This invention shag be designed to be independent of the flap position.) This invention shall be designed fully in software. This invention shall allow the user to mute the ringing audio when being called by pressing the MUTE key. The MUTE key was selected since it is physically located on the side of the handset which is not covered by the flap and the user can access this key at any time. (The sohare shall scan the MUTE key while the tlap is closed, which was not done previously. This invention shag also work while the flap is open since the keypad scan shall scan the full keypad as normal.) When the CT2 handset is rung, the user has the option of muting the audio ring via pressing the MUTE key. If this action is taken, the handset shall cease to ring but the handset shall remain on channel and the incom- ing call shall stilt be there. In other words, the user has the capability of answering the call at his/her own lei- sure even though the handset is not ringing. Obviously, the user must answer the call before the incoming call terminates. If the user activates this feature, he/she shall, understandably, not be able to determine when the incom- ing call has ceased.