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Original Publication Date: 1993-Oct-01
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To program frequency information into a radio, the radio must be brought into a service shop and attached to a computer that runs a Radio Service Program. Some customers would like to have two or more separate and distinct areas in which the radio can operate without either area being easily accessed by the other parties. In order to accom- plish this, the radio must be brought to a central programming area to be re-programmed before it can be moved from one distinct area to another. This causes down-time for the radio users, constant shipping and radio tracking problems, and program- ming costs.

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MOTOROLA INC. Technical Developments Volume 20 October 1993



by Gary A. Goldstein and Blake Moselle

ate and the radio software will program.

  A switch will be added to the radio architec- ture. The radio user will turn the switch to select which codeplug 'environment' in which the radio will operate. This switch will be wired to the high order address lines of the EEPROM of the radio.

  This method will allow the user to program their radio for two or more distinct operating environ- ments (not just zones, but radio wide parameters). The user will not have to Dynamic Regroup or manually re-program the radios during Emergency situations. In addition, if the radio is used outside its normal operating environment, the radio does not have to be programmed before it leaves its area and upon return. The user will only toggle a switch to operate with the radio codeplug that tits their needs.

  An example of usage is the Secret Service. The Secret Service operates outside the country with authority from the White House. The White House technicians program the Secret Service radios for the International Frequencies each time the radio is used outside the country. This destroys the program- ming that the Secret Service originally has in the radios. In addition, if a radio enters and leaves the country often, it is constantly being re-programmed for US and International frequencies and causes down- time for the user and useless trouble for the programmer. If the radio has these codeplug sec- tions, the radio would not have to be re-programmed for both US and International operation.


  To program frequency information into a radio, the radio must be...