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PARSOL SLX Sunscreen Compositions

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006995D
Publication Date: 2002-Feb-15

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Liam Smith


The disclosure relates to the sunscreen Benzylidene Malonate Polysiloxane (PARSOL SLX), (also known as Polysiloxane A as disclosed in US patent No. 6,193,959) solvated in a series of organic solvents. The wavelength of maximum absorbance (lmax) of the sunscreen is shifted through the UV region to differing degrees dependant up on the solvent used. The combination of sunscreen and solvent is then used in topical cosmetic and toiletry formulations to offer sun protection.The combinations of Benzylidene Malonate Polysiloxane with solvent are used in a range of formulations, to achieve the absorbance of UV light in the preferred region, to protect active ingredients as colour, fragrance or vitamins from UV degradation. For example, if a vitamin was sensitive to UV radiation of wavelength 340nm, Almond oil would be used to solubilise the sunscreen prior to incorporation into the formulation. Another area of use is to achieve UV protection in for the skin in other wavelengths unobtainable with the current sunscreen system. It is also possible to select wavelengths to protect or expose specific biological substrates i.e. UV activated repair enzymes in the skin or Langerhans cells in the immune system by using Benzylidene Malonate Polysiloxane and the correct solvent. The solvation of Benzylidene Malonate Polysiloxane in the correct solvent will locate the absorption peak in the area desired.