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SECURE MULTI UNIT CHARGER Disclosure Number: IPCOM000006998D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Feb-15

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Joseph Patino Juan Alfonso Bill Williams Daniel Nigro


In multi-unit charger applications, multiple users insert their battery/radio in the charger over night and pick them up the next day for normal use. This gives rise to various problems. Distinguishing between the different user battery/radios is difficult because they usually look identical. This causes sit- uations where the user picks up the incorrect radio/battery by mistake or otherwise. To allow for proper battery/radio identification and to reduce the possibility of incorrect removal, the charger needs to be able to do two unique functions. First, the charger needs to identify to the user which battery/ radio belongs to him by identifying the pocket that he inserted his battery/radio in. And second to reduce the occurrences ofinadvertent removals or unwanted removals, the charger needs to be able to lock the battery in the pocket to prevent removal or to give an audible alert siren to deter removal. Since phys- ically locking the battery in place is cumbersome, due to the differences in battery sizes and the desire to also lock various radio/battery combinations, the alert tone alternative is preferred. The use of a user ID is necessary for electronic identification. This can be done via a card reader or a keypad.