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Original Publication Date: 1993-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Feb-21
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Having to press a button to read a message on a played on the screen. pager can be cumbersome for pager users who func- tion in environments where they are required to Utilizing the pager's menu which consists of user constantly use their hands. By offering a communi- selectable and user settable features, the pager user cations receiver with user selectable hands free/ can switch the pager between the hands free and manual operation, these users will be able to have manual read modes, An icon on the pagers main the option of placing the pager into a hands free status screen will indicate when the pager is in the state whereby messages will automatically be dis- hands free state. The icon will appear as shown below: ~~A"toRc*d'con Fig. 1 When Auto Read is activated and a page is flash as shown in Figure 1 indicating that messages received, the pager alerts the user to the incoming have been automatically displayed. Messages can not page according to the currently selected alerting be errased when the icon is flashing. This is to pro- mode. The pager automatically shows the message tect the user against accidental erasure of an unread on the display. When the message requires multiple page. To stop the icon from flashing, the pager user screens, the screens are shown consecutively with a simply presses the read button. Alternatively, the specified delay. user may manually read all ofthe messages.