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Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Feb-25

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Bob Truesdale Sanjoy Kumar Eddie LePore Gregg Millard Lee Poole


The idea was to improve poor functioning input/output modules, making them more reliable and faster I/O modules, for the Texas Instruments model 4053 scanning system. The 4053 scanning system is used in final test manufacturing for meas- uring coplanarity and bent leads on plcc devices. The result of the modifications is more thru-put, due to less down time, less operator intervention, and better staging of the devices at the input. This was accomplished by using an "off the shelf' bulk device carrier tube loader (model ESFA) at the input. The bulk device tube loader has a capacity of approx- imately 20 device tubes. The OEM (original equip- ment manufacturer) input had a capacity of2 device carrier tubes. The bulk tube loader (model ESFA) was purchased from Ismeca. We designed and fabri- cated a mounting block for the bulk tube loader. We also added a separate power supply for power. The bulk tube loader has an independent controller sys- tem for independent operation. This helped to main- tain the modular concept of the Texas Instruments model 4053 pick and place device scanning system. The controller system makes it easily adaptable to other pieces of equipment. We then replaced the OEM vibratory output device unloader with 4 indi- vidual Ismeca Anti-ski Slopes (vibratory outputs) that can be controlled individually. Mounting blocks were designed and fabricated for the four Ismeca vibratory Anti-ski slope unloaders. The device out- put unloaders would hold 4 tubes instead of the orig- inal 2 tubes. We added a spacer under one end of the unloading platform to give a 5-10 degree slope to assist in the rapid movement of the devices into the output device carrier;tubes.