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Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Feb-26

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With the continued decrease in the size ofpagers, ity through a known discharge path prior to mak- the utilization of all exterior area is becoming increas- ing contact with the logic control pin. Secondly, ingly critical. This trend has inspired the practice of the transducer diaphram makes contact with the logic reducing part counts and has focused designer's atten- control pin bringing the logic control line to ground tion on combining the functionality ofmultiple parts through a conductive pin routed through the trans- into a single part. Also, with the decreased product ducer magnet and to an external contact. The travel size, Electra Static Discharge (ESD) suseptibility risks of the transducer diaphram is controlled by mechan- have increased. ical stops only allowing optimum travel. The sur- face head ofthe logic control pin parallels the curve The invention illustrated in the Figure below of the transducer diaphram during contact to pre- provides a method to combine the functions of a vent damage. Also, this design has inherent ESD transducer and a switch with improved ESD protec- protection by providing a known discharge path tion. Specifically, the switch function is accomplished which will reduce opportunities for ESD failures in by-mechanically depressing the grounded transducer the field. diaphram. This action first bleeds off any ESD activ- ogic control pin Diaphram ,Magnel '7 ~ Transducer housing Support chip 42 0 Motorola, IX 1994