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In vessel automatic composter and degrader. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007217D
Publication Date: 2002-Mar-05

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The present invention is a lidded vessel containing bacteria on an organic or inorganic matrix, for example, wood chips or ceramic beads, controlled electronically to rotate an internal paddle system on a horizontal axle. When food waste and other organic debris is put into the vessel after opening the lid, a switch senses the lid opening, and as soon as the lid is lowered back into place, the switch contact causes the paddles to rotate the added organic substance into the matrix, covering it for the purpose of coating the waste to prevent odor release, and to bring bacteria into contact with the waste to begin the aerobic breakdown process. Further rotations are timed appropriately when the lid is closed. Sensors determine whether the mass is too wet or too dry. The system is powered electrically. Decomposition can be entire or partial, the latter to encourage compost manufacture, the former to reduce waste output. An output hatch or hatches is provided to withdraw or renew the bacterial matrix charge.