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Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Mar-15

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Anthony R. Weeks


The invention presented herein was designed to tion is the allowance of accurately place wafer cas- protect wafers as their cassette is being uositioned -- settes on the loading stations ofall processes. onto the loading platforms of various brands of man- ufacturing equipment, This invention modifies the wafer cassette so that a protective barrier may slide into the cassette, preventing wafers horn falling from the cassette. The protective barrier may be added to the cassette in two fashions. The first is to groove the inner walls of the cassette. The second is to add tracks to the outer edge of the carrier, allowing for the introduction of a protective barrier which resides beyond the dimensions ofthe original cassette. This invention is comparable to the keep-out mecha- nism of a doggie door. The protective barrier can be made from several different materials, however the material must withstand multiple punctures to allow for air circulation, This invention does not change any of the existing processes, Once the cassette has been placed onto the loading platform of a process, the protective bar- rier is removed and placed on top of the cassette at the unloading platform. When all wafers have com- pleted the given process, the protective barrier is placed into the full cassette at the loading station. With this type of processing, the protective barrier follows the same set ofwafers through all processes. At no time does the protective barrier hinder wafer processing. By incorporating the protective barrier, a cassette may be tilted in any direction to allow for accurate placements of the cassettes H-bar to the loading station ot~any process Benefits include the implementation of a bar- code system, wherein the bar-code labels are placed on the barrier which follows the respective lot of wafers. A flow sheet, which could be printed on the barrier, or the barrier could be used as a mini clip board, wherein a flow sheet is clipped to the outer surface. The most important benefit from this inven- 14 0 Motorola. Inc. 19%