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Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Mar-25

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Andrew Fuehl Robert Plaza


The maximum length for telephone intercon- nect calls is set by the trunking system controller in relation to the amount of system activity. The radio operator has no input in this decision and can become dissatisfied if the length of an important call is lim- ited or if the call is prematurely terminated. Fur- ther, when telephone interconnect calls are used for fax or other automated transmissions, problems can occur if the maximum allowed length of the phone call is insufficient to allow completion of the fax or other transmission, SOLUTION The new idea allows the radio operator to request an extension of the maximum telephone intercon- nect time-out timer. This request is made on a per call basis and is made during a call to extend a call that is about to expire. This new feature allows the system owner to provide extended phone length serv- ices and yet does not automatically provide the extended phone length ability to all calls. Allowing the call length extension to be made during a call allows the operator to minimize the number ofcalls using this premium service.