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Whole body system integrated RF coil Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007470D
Publication Date: 2002-Mar-28
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Whole body system integrated RF coil

The invention provides a solution to the problem imposed by RF coils

with connection wires which have to be positioned in an MRI apparatus. The use of,

for example, coils controlled via optical fibers and wireless coils can thus be

dispensed with. It is also very attractive to apply subsampling techniques in this

manner. The major advantage resides in the fact that it is no longer necessary to use

cables which are positioned alongside and on the patient. The operator need not fit

separate coils. Moreover, outside the bore there will no longer be unused coils which

may be in the way and impose an additional burden on the patient. Because of the

simple and automated method, it will be possible to scan a larger number of patients.

Automation is possible in that the software is capable of determining which coils are

to be used and which distance from the patient must be chosen so as to achieve an

optimum coil distance for subsampling applications. This enables optimum

adjustment of the signal-to-noise ration (SNR), the subsampling factor and the scan

time, possibly with additional input from the operator. It is an advantage of the present

concept that the receiving function of the quadrature body coil (QBC) can be

dispensed with, because the coils positioned outside can take over this function, that

is, probably with a better SNR.

In conformity with the present idea, a number of loose coils is

positioned in the useful scanning zone of the scanner with a dimension of 45 cm.

These coils are arranged around the patient in a circular array. In each coil position

(location where a cluster of coils is present), a plurality of coils of different diameter

is ar...