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Spacer for In Line Connector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007483D
Publication Date: 2002-Mar-29

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A spacer facilitates the construction of in-line connectors having various numbers of ring contacts. The spacer both established the spacing between contacts, and serves as a structural member of the connector. The spacer is constructed from a dielectric material to insulate consecutive ring contacts, is substantially cylindrical, and includes reduced diameter (stepped down) portions at either end and a larger diameter (stepped up) center portion. The reduced diameter portions are insertable into ring contacts and the center section established the spacing between the ring contacts. The spacers further include a passageway through the center of the spacer, which passageway is substantially parallel with the cylindrical spacer exterior and accommodates a stylet or guide wire. In a preferred embodiment, the spacers define slots along the exterior of the spacer wherein conductors may reside, which slots run the length of the spacer.