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Method for Strengthening a Ring Contact Connector for a Medical Lead Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007497D
Publication Date: 2002-Apr-01

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An improved ring contact connector for a medical lead is longitudinally preloaded to increase the tensile strength of the connector assembly. As the diameters of medical leads have decreased, ring contact connector assemblies on such leads have become vulnerable to damage by tensile stress. Tensile stress results from lateral forces on the connector during insertion, and from handling during any part of a medical procedure. The ring contact connector assembly is improved by adding a tensile member to the connector assembly, which tensile member is held in tension while the connector assembly is molded. When the connector assembly has cured, the tension on the tensile member is released, and the connector assembly is thereby placed in longitudinal compression (i.e., preloaded). When lateral forces are placed on the preloaded connector assembly, the preloading cancels a corresponding tensile stress, and thereby improves the durability of the connector assembly.