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Interface between module and system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007534D
Publication Date: 2002-Apr-04
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Interface between module and system

    A software design solution is proposed allowing the use of a software module in different systems without changing the module. The systems may offer different services to the module and request different services from the module,

    Given is a software module providing (implementing) functionality according to a certain module interface and requiring functionality from the system it is part of, according to a certain system interface.

    The solution uses an API layer containing components providing the module interface, with a possible grouping of related interface functions in separate components, and the system interface. Furthermore an Adaptation layer is used, containing a module and a system adaptation component. The module in question registers itself as implementing the module interface, for use by the module adaptation component. In a similar way, the system adaptation component registers itself as implementing the system interface, for use by the module. A protocol driver component takes care of the communication between the rest of the system and this module via the Adaptation layer components. The Adaptation layer components and the protocol driver component are system specific.

API layer


module interface

Adaptation layer


module adaptation

protocol driver

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