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Lighting distribution insulation testing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007611D
Publication Date: 2002-Apr-09
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Lighting distribution insulation testing

When lighting (or power) equipments are installed in a bnuilding, a requirement exists

to check the insulation of the cabling during the installation of the lighting circuits.

Insulation tests between live and earth and neutral and earth can be conducted without

any problem after the lighting equipment has been installed. However, insulation tests

between live and neutral have to be carried out before any lighting control modules

and luminaires are connected. In the past this has meant that the time during which the

latter tests could be conducted was very constrained. A solution to this problem has

been found in the idea to provide the lighting equipment with isolation switches such

as relays that can be used to disconnect the lighting control modules and luminaires

from the cabling at any time. As a consequence the insulation testing between live and

neutral can also be conducted at any time, also after the lighting equipment has been

installed. The isolation switches can be operated by a control/signalling bus or


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