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DYE ENHANCED ADHESIVES Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007623D
Original Publication Date: 1996-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Apr-10
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The use ofdyes in die attach adhesives is benefi- cial for improving the inspection portion of this process.

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MO7VROLA Technical Developments


by Mary M. Stover and Michael W. Heath

  The use ofdyes in die attach adhesives is benefi- cial for improving the inspection portion of this process.

  Die are attached to some type of carrier using a bonding machine. The machine applies the die attach adhesive to the carrier in a pattern form which matches the die dimensions. The machine then picks the die from a wafer or compact and places it on the adhesive pattern. The particular die attach machine that this paper refers to has one moving head for both adhesive and die placement. This allows for the syringe or adhesive carrier to pass over the car- rier during the die attach process. This is one possi- ble scenerio where the die attach adhesive could con- taminate the die surface. The carrier with die and adhesive are sent through a conventional belt fur- nace or box oven to cure the adhesive.

  The addition ofsilver to the adhesive is required for thermal and electrical conductivity. The metal on the surface of the die also has a grayish appear- ance similar to the die attach adhesive if the metal has been disturbed. During the curing process of the adhesive, the organics or binders in the material burn off which sometimes causes the adhesive to have a "flaky" appearance.

  In the event, the die top surface metal has been disturbed and the die attach adhesive has splashed and/or been dripped on the die surface, the distin- guishing of what is disturbed metal versus what is adhesive is impossible. This is even true under mag-...