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PPE-grafted-EVA for Use in the Cable and Wire Industry Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007658D
Publication Date: 2002-Apr-11

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Hua Guo


Poly(phenylene ether) resins, PPE, notably poly(2,6-dimethylphenylene ether) and poly(2,6-dimethylphenylene ether-co-2,3,6-trimethylpheylene ether) resins, with different degrees of vinyl functional end groups can be used with polyolefins such as Ethylene-Propylene Copolymer (EPM), Ethylene-Propylene terpolymer (EPDM), Polyethylene (PE), PVC, and chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). In order to increase the miscibility of PPE with these polymers, PPE can be grafted to a non-aromatic polymer such as Ethylene-Vinyl-acetate copolymer (EVA). The EVA copolymer may, preferably, include about 1 to about 30 weight percent of units derived from vinyl acetate. This PPE grafted non-aromatic polymer will function as the compatibilizer for PPE and polyolefin. The PPE may have a range of intrinsic viscosity (IV) with different degrees of vinyl functional groups on one and/or both chain ends. Addition of PPE to polymers such as EPM and EPDM would potentially offer property advantages such as heat resistance and fire resistance in the cable and wire industry.