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Tuner Contact to customer board 'Pinstripe' Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007672D
Publication Date: 2002-Apr-15
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Tuner Contact to customer board (Pinstripe)

A) Field of the invention: Tuner Contact to customer board (Pinstripe)

B) Actual stage of technology : Pinstripes for tuners are assembled out of two different parts. A plastic block and pins produced out of from wire. The pins are placed separately in the plastic part. This system is expensive for costs and process.

C) Problem: This system is expensive for costs and process and the solder temperature is limited by the plastic material.

D) Invention: The old pinstripe system will be replaced by a punched sheet metal part. Description:
The invention is separated in three parts.
2.Steady with catch possibility
3.butt plate Process: The pinstripe will be mounted on the tuner before the solder process. The pins(1) will be plugged in the holes of the printed board of the tuner. The pinstripe will be supported by the steadies(2) on the frame or printed board. After the solder process the butt plate(3) will be cut of.

E) Advantages:
1.price reduction
2.single base material.
3.higher temperature resistance

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