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Improved hair / beard trimmer. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007684D
Publication Date: 2002-Apr-15
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Improved hair / bear trimmer

The patent document EP 1 003 630 B1 discloses an electric dry shaving apparatus comprising a driving mechanism within the housing for driving a first cutting element (blade cutter) by means of a driving element of the driving mechanism wherein the first cutting element cooperates with a second cutting element (foil cutter) for cutting purposes and wherein the driving mechanism being mounted for oscillation within the housing and being adapted to be set in oscillation by the inner forces necessarily occuring in operation of the dry shaving apparatus and wherein the oscillatory motions of the driving mechanism are transmitted to the second cutting element in order to set said second cutting element in oscillation as well.

The solution mentioned above can also be applied to hair trimmers or bead trimmers comprising two reciprocating drivable tooth cutting elements wherein the so-called cutter being driven by a driving element of a driving mechanism and the so-called guard being driven by means of the oscillatory motions of the oscillating mounted driving means.

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