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Method for a heat-pipe connector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007712D
Publication Date: 2002-Apr-16
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Disclosed is a method for a heat-pipe connector. Benefits include improved thermal performance.

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Method for a heat-pipe connector

Disclosed is a method for a heat-pipe connector. Benefits include improved thermal performance.


              The disclosed method is a heat-pipe connector. The method includes the following elements:

§         A heat-pipe connector or heat transfer interface to conduct heat entirely off the circuit board to parallel plate radiating grid located behind backplane to avoid restricted space on high-density circuit boards where space is insufficient to locate an adequate heatsink

§         Two separate evaporation/condensing loops connected by a high-conductivity compressed graphite spring-loaded interface to accommodate circuit board removal and insertion

              Heat pipe loop #2 (see Figure 1) transfers heat from the interface at the backplane into the radiating grid located behind the backplane where circuit-board area restrictions no longer apply.

              Heat pipe loop #1 (see Figure 2) is attached to a heat spreader on a processor or other hot component(s). Two parts seat together along a taper forced together by circuit-board insert/extract levers and an additional spring force at the interface.


              The disclosed method provides several advantages, including:

§         Application to increasing high component density PCB’s populated by increasingly high thermal dissipation processors and components where room for adequate heat sinking devices is too restricted to offer standard solution

§         Larger space behind the backplane for heat transfer, reserving circuit board space fo...