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Detection of Capacitive Load for Driver Selection at Power Up Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007734D
Publication Date: 2002-Apr-17

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In the field of voltage regulators, driver controllers are used to select and control the operation of power transistors to provide regulated output voltages. The more advanced controller schemes require that the controller, usually a single chip integrated circuit (IC), must detect the driver configuration or mode for high side or low side drive at power up to enable proper operation. Prior art solutions utilized an extra pin on the controller IC to provide an external input for the purpose of mode selection, which increases the number of pins on the IC. Another prior art method is use of a communication port which is slow as well as requires overhead in the communication protocol. Therefor, it would be highly advantageous to produce a driver controller IC having fewer pins and internal circuitry to detect the mode selection needed for efficient start-up.