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Synthesis of the Enantiomers of (Z)-5-Muscenone and (E)-5-Muscenone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007773D
Publication Date: 2002-Apr-23
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Charles Fehr, Jose Galindo, Olivier Etter: AUTHOR


(Z)-5-Muscenone and (E)-5-Muscenone, and their odorant characteristics are described. These two isomers of 3-methyl-cyclopentadec-5-en-1-one have useful musky odors.

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Synthesis of the Enantiomers of (Z)-5-Muscenone and (E)-5-Muscenone

Authors: CharlesFehr, José Galindo, Olivier Etter.

The most precious isomers of the perfume component “Muscenone” (Firmenich SA) are the (Z)- and (E)-5-muscenones 1 and 2. The (Z)-isomer 1 is particularly appreciated for its better top note and its nitromusk character.

In view of the growing interest and research activities devoted to the enantiomers of muscone [1], of which the natural (R)-(-)-enantiomer is stronger [2], we decided to prepare the enantiomers of (Z)-5-muscenone and (E)-5-muscenone [3].

(S)-(+)-3 (97% ee) was submitted to an Eschenmoser fragmentation [4] to afford (R)-(-)-4. Lindlar hydrogenation afforded (R)-(+)-1 (97% ee; [a]D 20 (MeOH, c = 0.08) +8.1), and Li-reduction [6] furnished (R)-(-)-2 (97% ee; [a]D 20 (MeOH, c = 0.06) -3.3). Whereas (R)-1 and (R)-2 represent strong musk odorants, (S)-1 and (S)-2, prepared in analogous manner, are only weakly musky.


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