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Original Publication Date: 1996-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-May-03

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Hans Christopher Sowa


A user desires a TEK that the user would not normally be given. The TEK could be need because the user has roamed or the user is involved in a special operation. Using a Rekey Request will not work since it only gives the user the TEKs it would normally use.. The user could voice contact the KMF operator to get the TEK, but in a large system or a The system will allow a user to authorize the use of a TEK (that it has) for another user. The authorizing unit would send a request to the KMF that would include; the other unit's ID, the ID of the TEK to give the other unit, a time-out for the TEK, and possibly a password for the authorizing unit. The KMF would check that the authorizing unit was allowed to use the TEK and then would rekey the other unit using the other unit's KEK. The KMF would log the authorization to track active cheats in the system. Once the time-out for the key occurs, the KMF would zeroize the key in the other unit and notify the authorizing unit that the other unit no longer has the key 0 Motorola 1°C. ,996 117 November 1996