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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000007965D
Original Publication Date: 1997-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-May-09
Document File: 3 page(s) / 120K

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Andrew Guzik Richard Ceraldi Mac William Branan


The high performance portable communication device, has many individual circuitries of the receiver, transmitter or controller board, shielded from each other to prevent near field electro- mag- netic interference. Presently, to achieve required shielding effectiveness for given circuitry, the enclosed metal cans are soldered to the PCB to assure desired signal attenuation. To efficiently uti- lize an automated production line, it is desired to reflow all electronic components and shields at the same time. As a result of that, a significant number of electronic components are covered by the shields. This creates two major manufacturing prob- lems. First, there is no reliable way to provide con- sistent, good solder joints for the surface mounted components under the shield. Second, a visual inspection of components, or board repairs, are impossible without removing the cans. To resolve these manufacturing problems the new shielding architecture approach with the partition fence and cover was introduced.