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Analog & Baseband Stackchip Arrangement with Redistribution Layer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000008089D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-May-16

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Addi Mistry John Gehman Daryl Wilde Jim Kleffner Ross Carlton David Wontor David Dean


As wireless connectivity among portable electronic systems such as cell phones, headsets and Personal Device Assistants (PDA) becomes more pervasive, greater demands are placed on production of cost effective and small form factor packaging technologies for VLSI integrated circuits. To meet these requirements, many new three-dimensional (3-D) packaging technologies have been developed by stacking the dice and placing them on a substrate consisting of signal, ground, and power planes. This disclosure defines a novel 3-D package for Analog/RF and Baseband (BB) dice which uses a method and apparatus to maintain high receive/transmit signal integrity of a digital radio in a Chip Scale Package (CSP) configuration. This is accomplished by integrating a RF shield on the digital die with an extra layer of grounded metal. This metal the redistribution layer (RDL) can be designed for additional ground and power planes and interconnects signal traces. This redistribution layer enables minimization in the number of signal layers required on the substrates and eliminates costly-layered substrates.